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1 Graphics Help on 11th October 2010, 12:25 pm


Vidder For Life
Vidder For Life
Here you can post any questions you have on photoshop, gimp, making/uploading graphics, and everyone can try to help you out. (:



2 Re: Graphics Help on 6th April 2011, 11:25 pm


I was wondering, how does everyone make such awesome YouTube backgrounds? I have a template I use, but all my bg's come out plain and boring and I have no idea how to spice it up like everyone else does.


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3 Re: Graphics Help on 7th April 2011, 1:18 pm


Pure Awesomeness
Pure Awesomeness
@Corrina: Well, it all depends on the style you use & what versions of what you have to work with, etc etc. Some people like making "realistic" backgrounds, that look like desks or places. Others like just using fun colors and textures and make the characters look pretty.

What I do is I start with my template. Then I decide what color/texture I want as the background and put that in there, blending/erasing/coloring as I see fit. Then I pick what characters or pictures I want (usually I'll render it first) and then blend/color/erase until it looks good. Be sure not to overcrowd too many pictures into the space (I prefer using the shorter template; not the really long one), maybe two or three at most. Not too busy, but busy enough that it attracts attention, you know?

But like I said, it's all in personal style. Mine even end up incredibly different.


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