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LHS Membership

Post by MissAlyvia on 21st September 2010, 3:11 pm

Legacy Hearts Studios

MissAlyvia (Owner: Yuna)

ashe12mariana ------------ (Lightning)
windyangel ------------------(Vanille)
DarfMarf --------------------(Vincent)
NamelessStranger ---------(Stella)
25Raven25 -----------------(Zack)
EmoLobster -----------------(Kadaj)
FeraNelia -------------------(Noctis)
WickedKiss --------------------(Rinoa)
MinasPassion ----------------(Cloud)

There may or may not be any auditions to join, since every editor is hand selected by myself after proving themselves to me from their work over a period of time. When I created the studio I thought long and hard about who I wished to be a part of it. Its rare that LHS will take on new members, since we are almost like a family now and sometimes less is more. However, who knows what the future holds. There may be a form of auditions, or maybe a contest where the winner could participate in a project. ^_^

A great leader's courage to fulfill [her] vision comes from passion, not position.
~John Maxwell
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Vidding Legacy

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