The Second Project

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The Second Project

Post by MissAlyvia on 21st September 2010, 2:58 pm

The Second Project

I am not going to give too much away at this point. Where would be the fun in that! But the LHS 2nd MEP is now under construction. EmoLobster, Mina, and myself are going over the audio and will be working closely together to create it. All I can say is, the storyline is very different than our first project, and in it we hope to show a new side of LHS. Naturally, when editing begins we shall stay unified and become like one editor, as we did for the first project. This is the style that LHS is going to work for with each and every project.

*Update [31.03.11]:
The first "Official" trailer for our second project, "Resonance of the Heart" has been uploaded! Please check it out and read the description! Legacy Hearts Studios now has a YouTube Channel where all MEPs and Projects will be uploaded. So if you are a fan of LHS and can't wait to see our next creation, please subscribe!

Click Here to Watch Official Trailer #1

*Update [01.23.11]:
The construction of the audio is now underway! The audio itself is a HUGE project that Mina and myself, with the help from the other studio members, will be building. This time, the story is much more complex and as such, we need to create the audio along with it. We are also cleaning up dialogue clips using a special program - getting ride of unwanted background noise. Everything, in the end, will hopefully be very clear and of great quality. Id say a rough goal for a release date would be sometime in the summer!

Check back later for more updates on the second project! This is the topic where I will post new things about potential release dates, new promotions uploaded for the MEP, and more.

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Re: The Second Project

Post by AerithWingz on 2nd May 2012, 1:29 pm

When will the MEP be finished? I heard that it was moved forward from it arriving in the Fall, but do you know when the next date of arrival is?


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