The LHS Collab Project

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The LHS Collab Project

Post by MissAlyvia on 21st September 2010, 2:49 pm

The LHS Collab Project

This is a side-project that I came up with for those in LHS who wanted to participate. It is a way to promote the studio, as well as to get the members back in the swing of things in preparation for our second mep. In the Collab Project I paired the members off with another editor from the group. I chose carefully, thinking about their strengths and weaknesses, and how they could compliment each other in their work. The main purpose of this side-project is to teach the members that good communication is key.

I instructed them to create a storyline and to take at least two parts each. All I really asked of them was to make the collab flow as smoothly as our first mep did. Each collab must have the single-editor feel to it, and each collab partner must communicate with the other in order to ensure that unity. Other than these guidelines, the rest was up to them. I did not constrain them with a deadline, simply because this is only a side-project and isnt mandatory. I believe you all may see one or two collabs soon, though.

Keep a look-out for them!

LHS Collab-Project Members:

ashe12mariana & xThePurpleMelonx
windyangel & NamelessStranger
DarfMarf & WickedKiss
25Raven25 & MissAlyvia & EmoLobster

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