Funny French slangs

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Funny French slangs

Post by LifelessArts on 31st May 2018, 2:55 am

This topic is only to learn funny sayings/slangs in French whether it's Canadian French or France's french. If you want to learn the whole language, you can always ask me! I will make another topic especially for you to learn the language easily despite its difficulties to be learned properly xD 

You must know! : Canadian French and France's french are different dialects/accents/cultures. The French you're taught at school, is the France's French. 





If you need to know more of it, whether good sayings or profanity, you can always ask me, I understand these two french dialects myself. Or if you really want to learn the language itself, as I said, you can also ask me. I will make a topic just for it! :D 



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