GMV Awards 2017

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GMV Awards 2017

Post by Lacrymosai on 22nd September 2017, 10:49 am

Hello Everyone!

I am keen to host the GMV awards 2017 and after the success of last year, I have faith this year will be even more smooth, more successful and bring in that fresh spirit and creativity, find those new editors and dish out the positivity for another year! Whose with me?

If you are wanting to be involved in the awards process, either judging, editing category videos or general promotional advisors, it will take a lot of time, effort and dedication. I understand that with spreading the word around and opening the sign ups to general public, more people might join, I'll always invite reliable people and anyone who was in the panel beforehand is always automatically allowed to be in the panel again

I'll keep the tradition of uploading all category videos and results videos on the main channel, Annabel and Jessie have kindly entrusted me the login to the main GMVA channel so I can keep this as usual.

I also want to open the ceremony in November, beginning preferably but mid November if things get delayed is fine. As long as we have some leeway for contestants to have time to make something specific for the contest if they want.
If anyone would like to offer to edit the Opening Ceremony video just say so, if not I will do it :)

With a new year comes opportunity for changes;
- The mark schemes I feel could be edited on, if anyone has any suggestions on how they could be improved for any particular category or overall, please say so and suggest a way it could be changed for the better

- As opposed to the system last year where as soon as 1st January rolled on, all judges were open and free to judge any and all categories at their leisure. This time I want to keep it to a strict time frame where we run two categories beside each other so we are estimated to finish judging by no later than April.

- Head judges are NOT to submit their videos into the category they are Heading.
This was a real concern last year and I would not like to repeat it again, hopefully everyone is okay with this if they decide to be a Head Judge.
Please message me with your category of interest and I will have a chat with you the responsibilities you will need to uphold.Likewise with CO-HJ of any category.
Like last year, the panel will be run by 3 admins, and Head Judges along with respective co-HJ's. We are a tight community and helping out each other by being backups and keeping in communication is key to our success this year.
Note: The selection of categories is NOT first come, first served. This time, I need to make sure you have experience and or are compatible with your category, make sure you understand the category thoroughly before you can be the head judge.

- The categories are as follows:

• Group
• Collab
• Short
• Flow
• Effects
• Raw
• Storyteller
• Masker
• Canon
• Romance

• I will be organizing and hosting a poll on the main GMV channel for two categories of Trailer and Comedy.
Trailer, if the public are keen to keep in it in the line up we will do so however if there is little interest in it, it may be a burden to keep. Comedy, wasn't a popular category in the pass so we had since removed it, but there has been interest by a small amount of people to bring it back. Let us see  what the general public think about these.

• Masker and Effects remain separate entities as the categories have too many differences to be considered ''Visuals'' overall as was previously discussed.

I'll start up a group chat in Skype and I'm available to talk to on Facebook to
Please let me know if you'd like to return as a judge for this year! Also please let me know your Skype so I can add you to the chat :)


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Re: GMV Awards 2017

Post by MemoriesOfRain on 24th September 2017, 4:26 am

Keeping things on a schedule, while may be difficult for some people, might help prevent procrastinating (if that was a problem) and keep things organized. I like the idea of opening the ceremony in November, definitely allows for editors to make a specific video for the categories if they choose. I also highly approve of HJ not being allowed to submit their videos into the category they're heading. That was a big issue in the last GMV awards, so I'm glad we've implemented that rule. 

Let's make this year's GMV Awards the best one yet!
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Re: GMV Awards 2017

Post by Gwenelan on 4th October 2017, 3:37 pm

I like the idea of the new schedule for judging, this way everyone knows when a certain category will be judged. When every judge can choose the categories, the ones with more entries risk being put at the end, and then forgotten, lol.
I kinda liked the mark schemes from last year, but I am curious about the points you want to change :).


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Re: GMV Awards 2017

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