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GMV Awards 2016

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1 GMV Awards 2016 on 9th October 2016, 9:15 pm


Hello Everyone!

With the results for 2015 right around the corner, hopefully anyways, now would be as good as time as any to start organizing the 2016 Awards.
If people are keen for the next round of awards, there is always a certain threshold of interest we need before even considering starting up a new year of the awards due to the fact that if the interest isn't there; the awards won't go far.

If you are wanting to be involved in the awards process, either judging, editing category videos or general promotional advisors, it will take a lot of time, effort and dedication.
I understand that with spreading the word around and opening the sign ups to general public, more people might join, I'll always invite reliable people and anyone who was in the panel beforehand is always automatically allowed to be in the panel again

I liked it with how it was that as soon as entries close, everyone can judge right away on any/every category, this really made a difference and people were able to schedule their own methods around these. Whether it be like myself judging 2-3 entries each night or judging all the entries in one night crammed up on cola and sugar.
I'll keep the tradition of uploading all category videos and results videos on the main channel, Annabel and Jessie have kindly entrusted me the login to the main GMVA channel so I can keep this as usual.

I also want to open the ceremony in November, beginning preferably but mid November if things get delayed is fine. As long as we have some leeway for contestants to have time to make something specific for the contest if they want.
If anyone would like to offer to edit the Opening Ceremony video just say so, if not I will do it :)

With a new year comes opportunity for changes;
- The mark schemes I feel could be edited on, if anyone has any suggestions on how they could be improved for any particular category or overall, please say so and suggest a way it could be changed for the better

- The categories are as follows:

• Group
• Collab
• Short
• Flow
• Effects
• Raw
• Storyteller
• Trailer
• Masker
• Canon
• Romance

•This year I will leave Tributes and Crossover off the list, as tributes was a bit too general and I feel it can be better off in other categories depending on the videos themselves, as with crossovers can be suited to story or romance.
I have had a suggestion to bring back Comedy; I have seen a lot of parody videos popping up everywhere, but I will only include it back in if it has a decent majority vote. Otherwise, parodies/comedy videos are to be into emotion. Humor is an emotion after all.

•This year I am thinking of scrapping Basic.
There was literally only two entries for Basic for 2015. Two. Not even enough to be a category, it was just embarrassing really and says that there isn't much interest in it. We can judge the video upon the editors talent and not the software they use regardless. Anyone agree/disagree?

• I am also thinking of removing Newcomer, but if you wanna fight me for it, go ahead.
• Does anyone think that Masker could be merged into Effects? Just going by the amount of entries into masking last year and it wasn't really sufficient enough to stay as its own category. I am aware that the masker category is very special for some people so please let me know what you feel on this one before we make any sort of formal decisions.

One last thing, I want to bring back CO Head Judges, just backups in case the HJs are unable to get things done or edited in time due to schoolwork or work or other life inconveniences. I feel we could all work really well together if we have a buddy system, if one of you is down the other can step up and if someone goes awol we have backups ready.

I'll start up a group chat in Skype and I'm available to talk to on Facebook to
Please let me know if you'd like to return as a judge for this year! Also please let me know your Skype so I can add you to the chat :)


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2 Re: GMV Awards 2016 on 10th October 2016, 3:41 am


Vidder For Fun
Vidder For Fun
I am more than happy to help out again! I had a lot of fun being the Head Judge for Best Romance, and I'd love to be the HJ for that category again.

I have to agree on scrapping Basic; nowadays Sony Vegas is the go-to editing program, especially with the latest version being released just this past month. Rarely do you see people edit with anything else, especially in the gmv community. Newcomer seems to fit into the same category, as new editors may not be that comfortable submitting their work into a competition yet, and I'm not sure how popular of a category it was this past year.

As for Masker - while it IS an effect, I don't feel it should be mushed together with the general Effect category. You could easily say that "effects" can be anything from overlays, to typography, to flashy transitions. Masking is special, and I know from experience that it takes SO MUCH effort to do a one second mask. Editors that mask deserve their own category, so I'd hate to see it go. :c

I can't help but feel that the decrease in overall entries (save for some categories like Flow) has do to with the fact that many editors have simply stopped editing. I've seen new editors pop up, sure, but a lot of people that once contributed to the GMV awards and entered their videos just aren't around anymore. It's something to consider.


3 Re: GMV Awards 2016 on 10th October 2016, 9:38 pm


Passionate Editor
Passionate Editor
Hii! Yes I'd love to be on board again, although I feel really bad not being able to get the last of my marks in due to life being unexpectedly horrible, if I could I would love to be the HJ of Short - my channel is just full of shorts so I feel I can relate :)

I agree in scrapping Basic, it feels a bit weird to judge a video primarily on the software used. Like it somewhat downgrades the editors who use it and it had judgemental expectations. Scrapping it would be best :)
Also with newcomer, we found it was the same people entering over and over again. I think that the editors who are confident in their work can submit their videos into the proper categories :)

Masker mmmm, I know how much people like it and I agree with what starstruck has said that its special and its more a style of editing rather than an effect, We should keep it even though it might be small category.

My last thought that is if we keep advertising the awards, inviting and encouraging ourselves and friends to enter, we might gain back some popularity?


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4 Re: GMV Awards 2016 on 19th October 2016, 4:48 pm


Great to hear from you two.
However, I fear there may not be enough excitement from judges to even have enough for a panel.
We need at least 12 people to have a working panel for 2016 awards, I amy upload a '''Judges wanted'' video to the main channel to see how much interest is actually there before we go ahead and decide if its even worth hosting another awards.


Vicariously I live, while the whole world dies

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5 Re: GMV Awards 2016 on 26th October 2016, 9:35 pm



it ain't much, but here's hoping this draws attention :)


Vicariously I live, while the whole world dies

http://www.youtube.com/Lacrymosai http://www.youtube.com/user/LacrosaxTheDark http://vergilofficial.livejournal.com/ http://www.formspring.me/Lacrymosai http://myanimelist.net/animelist/lacrymosai

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