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COLLAB: It's Not Paradise


COLLAB: It's Not Paradise

Post by Guest on 28th November 2015, 8:06 pm

I'm just so, so, SO proud of this collab between myself and my buddy, Verge, that I just have to drop it everywhere until the whole world witnesses its epicness!

It took us a little less than a year to complete between outside commitments, but with a steady, no-stress work ethic and a helluva lot of enthusiasm for the concept, WE MADE IT! And I love it so much and I just need to smother it all over the place~

Here's Verge's upload, as well!

I hope you like it! :D
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Re: COLLAB: It's Not Paradise

Post by BexMex on 29th November 2015, 12:11 am

It is amazing!! <33 I left a comment on both of your collabs <33


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