A Return to the Community

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A Return to the Community

Post by ThreadstoTwelve on 1st August 2014, 4:57 pm

Hey all. I've been inactive for a very long time. Not on YouTube, I edit on YouTube all the time still... if not less than before.

But I do admit to backing out of the social side of the community. I did try to say thanks to any commenters, and even join a few MEPs that I struggled with due to inspiration... but now I want to try to get back in the community. Dearie Lacrymosai has told me that the community isn't a bad thing, it isn't rude or scary like I thought it was. So here I am, and I want to be friends with you guys.

I'll be honest... I always thought like I was less special than everyone else. I'm not a moderator or admin of anything besides my studio, Pacific Eve, and I felt like anything I said or suggested to the community didn't matter because I wasn't a huge part of it like many other people. Over time I felt less and less special, like my editing was very standard and like I generally didn't matter much. So I kept backing up further and further until I was so far back in the shadows that I didn't even remember I could be a part of the community anymore.

But I want to try to get over these feelings. I am tired of feeling like I'm not as great as everyone else, when I know we are all equal. This community is intended for fun and projects and creativity, and well if I am supposed to be in it then I would like to knock on your door and beg for a cup of tea. xD

Is there anything I can do to help at all?
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Re: A Return to the Community

Post by Lacrymosai on 2nd August 2014, 2:58 am

That's great Threads! I'm so happy you are making this step forward :D
I'll be here to support you 100% and I'm sure that many others will be equally willing to open their arms to you ^_^

Feel free to explore IVI, its changed a bit since you were last here and yeah, post up some thoughts and shit :D


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