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Ouran High School Host Club!



Best Ouran HSHC Host?

[ 8 ]
32% [32%] 
[ 2 ]
8% [8%] 
[ 2 ]
8% [8%] 
[ 10 ]
40% [40%] 
[ 0 ]
0% [0%] 
[ 3 ]
12% [12%] 

Total Votes: 25
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Re: Ouran High School Host Club!

Post by Nathalie3264 on 3rd January 2011, 2:54 am

I voted for Mori, I like Tamaki and the Twins as well but I just always thought Mori was kinda cool XD


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Re: Ouran High School Host Club!

Post by ThaliaAnderson on 3rd January 2011, 3:46 am

I voted for Mori because I like him best with Haruhi, hahaha. They're not "out-there" choice for a canon couple, but they have their moments that are just so sweet, like when Mori gives Haruhi all the strawberries on his plate because he knows she loves them.

I adore Tamaki though. He's one of my favorites. He's like, the most perfect comic relief and I am glad that he has Haruhi because they're pretty perfect together, too. But I really like Kyouya because he's so mysterious.

Really, the only ones I don't like are Kaoru and Hikaru. I'm not a fan of them. Don't really know why; I'm just not. XD Too much drama there, I guess and they can be kinda bratty.

Honey is like...I don't have an opinion? XD

I'm dying for a second season, because the ending was so aprubt and there wasn't a definite closure to anything, but I'm glad there's a manga with major continuation; I just never have time to read it, ahahaha.


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