I'm Vidding It! Japanese Dictionary

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Re: I'm Vidding It! Japanese Dictionary

Post by SarcasmYAY on 9th December 2011, 4:24 pm

This is all the most usefull stuff I could find/think of, I threw in a few phrases and that as well. If anyone has any questions id love to answer (it would be good revision for my exam in June ^-^ )

Dewa mata - is closer to "well then...." and can also be said as "Ja mata", and is used when parting from family and friends.

Ohayou Gozaimasu - Good morning
Konnichiwa - Hello (good afternoon)
kombanwa - Good evening
Oyasuminasai - "Good night"
Moshi moshi - hello (only on phone)
Gozen - AM
Gogo- PM

Itterasshai - so long (go and come back)
Ittekimasu - so long (Im going and comming back)
Tadaima - Im back
Okaerinasai - Wellcome back

Omedetou gozaimasu - Congratulations
Dou Itashimashite - Your wellcome
Sou desu - Thats right

Sumimasen - Excuse me
Mou ichi-do - Once more
Douzo O-sakini - Please go ahead
Ki O tsukete - Be carefull
O-daijini - Take care of yourself

Gakusei - Student
Daigaku - University
Shigoto - Work/job

Denwa-Bangou - Telephone number
Keitai - Mobile

Are wa - That over there

(before a noun), Ano - that over there
Sono - That
Kono - this

Sochira - There (where the listener is)
Achira - over there (between listener and speaker)
Kochira - there (next to the speaker)

Asoko - over there

Ashita - tomorow
Kinou - Yesterday
kyou - Today
Shuumatsu - Weekend

itsu - When

Asa gohan - Breakfast
Hiru gohan - Lunch
ban gohan - Dinner

Misete kudasai - Please show me
ikura - How much?

(add desu when talking about a object, polite)
Oukii - Large/big
Chiisa - Small
takai - expensive
yasui- cheap
chikai - near
toui - far
yasashii - easy
muzukashii - dificult
samui - cold
ii - nice/good
omoshiroi - interesting (also seen it to mean funny)
kirei - pretty
Tanoshii - Fun
warui- bad
tsumaranai- boring
Yokatta - good (as it thats good)

dou deshita ka = how was.....?

Ohairikudasai - Pleae come in
douzo kochira e - come right this way

(masu is the polite ending, may not be used in conversation.)

-masen = present negative, -mashita = past posative, -masendeshita = past negative *this may not apply to all verbs, e.g. samui deshita.

Aruite - by foot/walking
Arimasu - be/exsist (living stuff)
Ikimasu - Go
imasu - be exsist (inanimate objects)
shimasu - do/ have
agemasu - give

o-miyage - gift/souviner

nani mo ....-masen - Nothing
dare mo..... -masen - no one
zenzen.....-masen - not at all

hitori de - alone
Futari - 2 people
san nin - 3 people (number plus nin from then on = number of people)

.... ya - shop (e.g. hon-ya = book shop)

Takusan - A lot/ many/much
hontou ni - Really

kusuri - Medicine
Kibun ga warui n desu - I feel out of sorts/ill
dou shimasita ka - whats the matter with you?

Atama- head
me - eye
ha - tooth
nodo - throat
onaka - stomach
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Re: I'm Vidding It! Japanese Dictionary

Post by MidnightBlackCat on 26th March 2012, 12:30 am

Thank you: arigato

Yuki: snow

Hime: princess

Sakura: cherry blossom

Naruto: fish cakes

I love you: Aishiteru


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