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Movie/TV Characters You're Attracted to...

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1 Movie/TV Characters You're Attracted to... on 23rd May 2012, 9:26 am


Hey so um...which movie/tv characters do you have a crush on? Post a picture and we can all drool for a while!

For me I have always (since I was about 11) been totally in love with Luke Skywalker. He's so adorable. Seriously, if he was real I would marry him. It's kinda weird because the film is so old now, and my mum said she fancied him when she was my age. I guess it's the heredetary Skywalker gene.

He's my desktop background. xD

So anyone else want to share the characters you have a crush on? Just thought since we have a 'hottest FF characters' thing already, I'd make one for film characters as well xD No one will reply to this topic....


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