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The Oddworld Quintology


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The Oddworld Quintology

Post by cstar on 20/4/2012, 15:30

Please tell me someone else out there has played these games, at least the first two, I didn't really care for Stranger's Wrath.

If you aren't sure what I'm talking about I'll list some of the games.

"Abe's Oddysee"
"Abe's Exoddus"
"Munch's Oddysee"

I randomly though of them tonight when searching through my PS1 games, I need to replay them again.


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Re: The Oddworld Quintology

Post by Mikan on 2/6/2012, 05:10

I used to play Abe's Oddysee A LOT when I was little.I love that game <3.I replayed it recently.
I haven't played the other Oddworld games though,I'll play them sometime~.



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