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Pulse flashing 2 ways [Sony vegas tutorial]


Pulse flashing 2 ways [Sony vegas tutorial]

Post by Guest on 11th November 2011, 12:58 am

If you notice In a lot of my videos I use pulse flashing. there are so many different ways editors do it. I do mine in 2 ways

1. I use a white (or whatever flash color you want) solid color and I put it above the clip.
2. I lower the opacity to like 25%-50% thats depending on how intense you want the pulse flash.
(see my video example the traveling knight. the pulse plashing on that is 25% then 50% then 25%)
3. Make it for a tiny amount of frames
4. there you go :D

My other way

Media generator
1. elliptical or rectangle
2.Change the color of that to whatever you like
3. Change the opacity to whatever you like (look at above example)
4.set to amount of time.

Any questions ask me or message me on youtube. xthisfinaldarkangelx

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