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What type of Gamer ARE YOU!?

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Re: What type of Gamer ARE YOU!?

Post by Supon on 3rd September 2012, 10:40 pm

I am various types of gamer depending on which game I am playing :P If I am playing a fighting game, such as Tekken, I will become super aggresive if I don't win and won't stop playing until I do.

If I play a FF game or the likes, I am the super gridner that takes forever to finish a game, mostly because I grind so much that I become bored with the game. However, after I while I will be so annoyed that I have yet to finish the game that I finish it within a week or two :P

And lastly, I am also the gamer that plays some games just a little or not at all and instead of actually finishing some of the games I already have, I keep buying more xD
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Re: What type of Gamer ARE YOU!?

Post by shewolf51 on 10th September 2012, 11:29 pm

I'm a story oriented gamer. If a game doesn't have much of a story then I tend to get bored quite quickly as I don't feel very motivated to continue on without a goal or a desire to see the next part of the story. If a story is high quality and interesting then it's a case of "the longer, the better".


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Re: What type of Gamer ARE YOU!?

Post by Rynnsha on 11th September 2012, 2:52 pm

As for me, I'm probably immersive :)

I LOVE games that can transport me to their world and make me lose hours at a time without even realising it. Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas are great examples of this.

Their stories are so in depth with a myriad of colourful story arcs that I can't seem to tear myself away! :D

RPGs normally do this for me, but after being at Uni I haven't really been gaming as much :/.

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Re: What type of Gamer ARE YOU!?

Post by LeanneCresent on 29th September 2012, 10:24 pm

I am one of the gamer who loves the story and hates training D: Thats why I also often conflicts with my brother, because he always trained in play.
But i dont like it.. I wanna know the story, how it continues ..I'm so impatient in this things D:

Also, I have no quiet hand.. I am not good in games like Metal Gear..
I cant play games slow.. I hate it :D
I also like games where i can kill people like Darkness II


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Re: What type of Gamer ARE YOU!?

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