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Post by xShadowsWithLove on 2nd June 2011, 5:32 am

all of em (:
Yes, it counts as disney :p

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I'm Vidding It !
I'm Vidding It !

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Post by Mina on 14th June 2011, 12:59 pm

1. Please, in future topics, choose an informative and fitting Title (Something like: 'Searching For Pirates Of The Caribbean' etc.)
2. It would be nice to write down a whole sentence in your post, if you ask others to help you (e.g.: I'm looking for all parts of the series. Could anyone please help me to find Pirates Of The Carribean Clips?)

3. Here are two torrents I found... If you don't have BitTorrent (or just don't want to use torrents), I might search further.
  • Torrent: Pirates Of The Caribbean Trilogy-DVD Rip (AVI.) - 2.6 GB - Takes about 2 hours to download /via my internet connection
    There are even more POTC downloads on isohunt

  • Torrent: Pirates.Of.The.Caribbean-3pack (AVI.) - 2.6 GB - Takes about 1hour to download /via my internet connection


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