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'ANGEL'S LEGACY' Project: Fragment.

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1 'ANGEL'S LEGACY' Project: Fragment. on 7th February 2011, 9:04 am


Vidder For Fun
Vidder For Fun
The Project.

The 'ANGEL'S LEGACY' project is a story which is split into three parts. Each part is a new chapter to the life of a SOLDIER, and the characters involved. The first part of the three-parted story is Fragment, which is the beginning. Fragment bases around how the story begins and how Cloud first becomes a SOLDIER, and thus meets his allies, his enemies, and also learns what it takes to be a First Class SOLDIER.

FRAGMENT: Introduction.

[i]What is happening with the world? Why..has it become like this?

For all my seventeen years of living, I have not seen anything as terrifying.. and as brutal as what I am witnessing this very minute. The sound child screams pierce through my eardrums, my heart thudding so heavily that it feels like my chest is about to explode, my vision so blurred that I don't even know where I am standing right at this minute. All that I know, is that right in front of me, a fire is ignited, burning away the Fragments of my life. Every little piece flaking to dust.. every memory fading, as every flame licks at pieces of me.
As every flame licks at fragments of me.


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2 Re: 'ANGEL'S LEGACY' Project: Fragment. on 24th February 2011, 3:30 pm


Vidder For Fun
Vidder For Fun
Chapter One. PART 1

It's what cheese does to you.

I felt as if I were floating in a white abyss. Floating, ever so slowly. I felt nothing, I saw nothing, so where exactly was I? I guessed it was a dream, and by far was it the strangest dream I had yet. Never before in my dreams have I floated in a white abyss. Although, maybe it was the cheese that I had eaten before bed. I guess now I can say that cheese truly does give you weird dreams.. I have but only myself to blame for missing supper, I suppose.

I didn't think gravity existed in my dream, for no one could actually float, right? But even so, in my dream, it felt so natural and normal to be doing so. Maybe my wild imagination has sparked this, I am only a teenager after all.

I had just turned seventeen. Of course, if my guardians were here, they'd say it's a special age.. the age which marks the beginning for responsibility! God, how I hated that. I was the least to be responsible, in fact, I didn't really care for the well-being of others. I mean, why should I really? I guess the fire not only killed my old life, house AND parents, but also my trust for humanity. They say life is unfair, and life is cruel, and well.. that is exactly right. Life is unfair, so why bother fighting against the small odds for a dose of happiness? Surely I thought, it's not worth it.

It was weird how this dream brought up the past. It was often that I would think about it, or, care about it really. From the harsh smack that reality gave me, I went by the saying: 'when life gives you lemons, find apples.' In other words, ignore what becomes of next. I mean, all my time following that saying, I have had no bad luck since the fire. Oh, lucky me.

The white abyss seemed endless, and although I was asleep and dreaming, in my dream my body began to feel heavy and my arms grew tired. Was it me waking up? No, the dream had turned a corner to hit the next marker for 'the more weird.' I opened my eyes, and still I was surrounded in white. So, nothing had changed apart from the fact that I was no longer floating? That's what I thought, until I heard something. It wasn't a faint noise. It was quite loud, and unmistakably, it was footsteps. I took a slow step forward of my own, my feet having to drag across the ground, for the once missing gravity was getting heavier and heavier.

I stopped and listened again. Yes, I could still hear footsteps, for they were getting louder and louder by the second. It took a long moment until I realised that someone was skipping, and later another 'whistling' sound followed. I decided it was best to stay put, for the noise was coming closer and closer. This weird dream had surprises, for once, for never had I felt so tense in my own dream. I closed my eyes again, I focused better on things when my eyes are closed. The footstep sound became clearer, and the whislting turned into a humming tune, and from this I could tell it was a female.
Hm, weird for a female to be in my dream, but I guessed there was a first for everything.
It was only a few moments later than that a figure could be seen in the distance of the abyss. She then became clear as she took a few more skips forward before stopping in her tracks and staring at me.

I felt nothing, I was no longer tense. Instead, I was actually quite nervous for god knows what reasons. The girl looked nervous too, yet the smile stayed glued to her face, and her eyes sparkled more as she glared. It was rude to stare, often people would tell me that, and I felt like telling her that, but I couldn't find the tongue to do it.
The girl then walked, as normal, closer to me. She was actually quite pretty, but also quite unusual. Cheese could do this? All the girls in my school looked normal, or ugly. But this girl was different.

She was now standing inches away from me, her eyes were level with my chin. She had long, very long brown hair tied into quite a tight plat with a huge ass pink ribbon. She wore a matching pink dress with a small brown leather jacket and brown leather boots. Her eyes were emerald green, and her smile was almost as big as her face. She blinked a few times, probably to taunt me with her abnormally long eyelashes.

I wanted to say something. Preferably, I wanted to tell her to stop standing so close, but it was she who opened her mouth first.

"Hey, you look awfully familiar to someone." She followed on with a quick chuckle, her left hand hovering in front of her mouth as she did so. She looked happy, but confused, as well as a bit lost. If she were to ask directions, I would obviously be no help, unless I would just say, 'sorry miss, but your not real, just a figment of my imagination.'

The girl continued to stare, as if waiting for some sort of reply or answer. I coughed to clear my throat and gave a wary half-smile back. "I look like someone, miss? Have you lost him, perhaps?"
Of course, she just giggled again. I guess, my inner fetish is a girl's laugh? Either that, or that cheese was slightly out of date.
The girl shook her head then, placing both hands together as if she were about to pray.
"No, well, just now. The last I saw of him was ten years ago. I was only seven back then." She then frowned, looking to the ground as if more nervous. I didn't blame her. I was then beginning to forget that this WAS just a dream, for some reason I felt sympathy towards her, I even gestured out my right hand, looking to her with the most reassuring look that I had to offer.
"Don't worry, I'm sure you will find him." I could feel it, that twinge of doubt within my own tone of voice. It was clear that this girl had hope, but for me, that burned long ago. I had no desire to help this girl, in fact, she was only a figment of my imagination!
She smiled and clasped hold of my hand. "Thank you oh so much.. name?"

"Cloud," I replied, the smile still lingering on my face, "yours?"

"I'm Aerith!" She responded, her sudden mood change startling me, "I've never wandered into your dream before, it's been fun." She gave a small nod, and took a few steps back, making a slight bow before turning to leave.

As she did so, I just stood there. I guess the news was a bit of a shock to me, I mean, had the cheese really gotten to my head? Never before had I heard of a dream-walker? In fact, what exactly is that?!

"WAIT!" I boomed, striding forward to catch up with her. I quickly grabbed her hand, firmly enough so that she would spin around. "Did you say, you go to dreams..or?"

Aerith pursed her lips and furrowed her eyebrows, "yes, is there a problem?"

I let go slowly, choking on my attempt to swallow what was going on here. I wondered, so this is a dream, yet she's real? "Aerith.." I suddenly said, "I want to help you look."

Aerith responded then with a startled look, which then smoothed into the average smile. "Oh would you Cloud? That would be perfect, thank you."


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