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Unbound - A KH Novel. OPEN FOR READING.

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1 Unbound - A KH Novel. OPEN FOR READING. on 31st January 2011, 11:09 am


Vidder For Fun
Vidder For Fun
Writers Notes: Hi guys, why hadn't I have found this awesome thread until now? I've been thinking of this idea for quite a while now, I want to share my story out. I hope you guys do enjoy, crit would be much appreciated!

A small case of amnesia?

"Ah, so you actually came? I was beginning to worry that you had chickened out on the reunion." Chuckled a familiar voice, which rang out through the walls of the dark rocks near the sea front. It was not that he wanted to be there, but was more like forced to. The night was falling silently upon them both, the moonlight becoming the only source of light that they both had. The hooded figure stood motionless, staring to where the voice had come from. It seemed, he knew this voice, but why couldn't he recall who it was? Surely the head bang from the Night Crawler hadn't hit him that bad.
A quiet chuckle came from the rocks, again the chuckle was all too familiar. The hooded figure took a step back as a foot emerged from the shadows. A skinny, sandy-haired man, wearing the same hooded cloak and aqua sitar earrings appeared into view. Yes, he was so familiar, but why couldn't he remember him?
"I see you haven't chickened out. Might I introduce myself?" The skinny man flashed a smile at the hooded figure, his aqua eyes perched on him, studying him as if he were some kind of unusual specimin.
"My names Demyx. I trust you to remember that." He continued to stare, the silence only making his smile stretch even more. "Come on now, don't be rude. Introduce yourself."
The black water softly hit against the figure's boot, he scuffed the sand lightly, looking to the floor to find his words. Demyx's stare made this normal introduction far to demanding.

'Why is it, do I even know my own name? How come, I seem to have hit a wall.' He looked up, Demyx's smile was faltering slightly. 'I guess, for now I shall call myself a name. But what name? Who am I?'


The hooded figure jumped, startled by the sudden calling. Demyx turned quickly to face him, their eyes meeting at the first glance.
"W-what?" The hooded figure asked, startled. He blinked twice, trying to determin whether this guy was for real. He hadn't come to waste his time and dawdle about.

"Vanitas. I had an uncle back then.. you know, when I was alive." Demyx smiled again, taking three fingers and flicking his small strand of straw-coloured fringe, and tucking it behind his ear. "You have the same eyes as him. Golden, he always boasted about his eyes."

'Is this a sign? I might as well take it for what it's worth..'

"What a coincidence, my name is Vanitas." The hooded figure removed his hood, now that the two were on first name terms.
This time, it was Demyx who took a step back, his eyes opened wide, his grip tightened onto the belt of his cloak.

'..is there something on my face?'

Vanitas held up his left hand to stroke his cheek, curving his hand down his jaw-line, to his collarbone. He felt normal enough, at least that's what he thought himself. He then reached up both hands carefully, and stroked his spikes of raven-coloured hair, his fingers lining down the stray strands. Demyx examined carefully at Vanitas' appearance, he looked as confused at him, as Vanitas was of himself.

'Have I always had spiked hair? I don't recall this.. or do I?'

He slowly lowered his arms, both hands gripping onto his belt, just as Demyx was doing. Demyx was still smiling to Vanitas, making Vanitas unaware at Demyx's first reaction. Along came another chuckle, but this time, it sounded quite sinister.
"Well, Vanitas, welcome. The others should arrive shortly."

"This will be interesting indeed."


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2 Re: Unbound - A KH Novel. OPEN FOR READING. on 1st February 2011, 12:43 am


Creator God
Creator God
Hmm these seems quite interesting. I'm not a bg KH fan but I decided to have a read of this, I am familiar with the story and sort but I haven't seen much things written about Vanitas. I like your style of writing - not giving too much away. I'd like to see more!

http://www.youtube.com/user/tifa326x http://www.youtube.com/user/shisunari http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_tuSLbuDp0 http://www.youtube.com/user/tifa326x http://blackrhapsodos.deviantart.com http://rhapsody-xxx.livejournal.com/

3 Re: Unbound - A KH Novel. OPEN FOR READING. on 2nd February 2011, 7:49 am


Vidder For Fun
Vidder For Fun
Writers Note: Ah, thank you! Well, I haven't even played BBS, and I don't know much about the story or Vanitas. This is just my own story-line. ^^ I hope you do enjoy.

Chapter One: A Rude Awakening

For long the worlds had been to peaceful.. well, in his opinion anyway. Not a single star had fallen since the keyblade master had destroyed all of his brother's plans. But, in a way, he was greatful for that. He had despised his brother and his unorganised attempts at taking over the one place what everyone wanted, 'Kingdom Hearts.' But of course, what was his brother's goal for coming to Kingdom Hearts? What would he, and the rest of the Nobodies gain? The only person who knew that for sure was Sirius. Sirius, born under the 'King' of 'Hearts' was the infamous Dark Prince in this kingdom. The kingdom of which his brother had been trying to get to all this time. Sirius regreted trusting his brother the key to getting here, and so banished him from the Kingdom, and stripped him of his heart. Quite overboard, his father would tell him, but Sirius was next in throne, after all. He was disappointed at the damage his brother had done to try and return to the kingdom. Collecting hearts is a tricky job, and he even damaged other worlds in an attempt to return. Of course, he failed, thanks to Sirius' puppets. Sora, the keyblade master, destined to save all worlds. Sirius had felt that his plan went quite well and that he did his own kingdom a good favour. But, as the consequences were issued, the rest of the Heartless and Nobodies had fleed to his paradise and had invaded his privacy. He was not happy. But of course, it had boosted his confidence a whole lot in what he needed to do for a brighter future.
Sirius was sitting at his desk, deep in thought. He had been thinking a lot about this recently, in fact, he could never avoid the topic. Having no company didn't help, unless you count having approximately 100 heartless sleeping in your basement as good company. Running a kingdom was tough work..


Sirius turned, only to see his father fall to the ground, overturning the living room's table, the candle falling, and the light went out.


"DAMNIT!" Dark.. to dark, he hated darkness. Why did it always come? Cursing under his breathe, Sirius withdrew his keyblade and hurried over to where his father had fallen.

It's too dark.. to dark.

He quickly felt for his father's head, placing it in between his legs as he knelt, the keyblade upraised in his left hand. He gently tapped it upon his father's forehead, and a small light illuminated within his father's body, and also his own. Blood was circulating frantically in the veins of his father, along with another substance of which shocked Sirius. A green liquid substance was flowing along side the blood, but at a slightly faster rate. Sirius could not believe his eyes as he too had the same weird substance.


Looks like things were getting a hell lot worse.


The silence was awkward.
All three finished, and all three stood back from one another. The sudden news had become quite a shock to Sora, Riku and Kairi. Nearly three years it took from the three to return to their home, after distrust, loss and heartbreak. The effects of what had happened would never leave them, but for both Riku and Kairi, they wanted to at least move on and lead their own lives as they are now. Sora, however, felt.. out of place after returning to Destiny Island. It was no longer an island to live on, for starters. There was a village.. a school. Never did Kairi, or Riku want to leave what they've had so far.

All three looked at each other, Sora's smile slowly disppearing as Riku looked quite angry, and Kairi looked upset. Seeing their reactions then made Sora upset also.

"So, I'm guessing you just want to let our friends die then, is that right?"


"Sora, do you really want to go through this? Again?" Riku's eyebrows shifted together as Sora shook his head rapidly.
"Think about it, you always rush to decisions."

"Do you think there's any TIME for us to think? You saw what was in the letter. He needs us.. now."

Kairi looked to Sora, her usual hope in what Sora would say wasn't there. The very thought of leaving the island scared Kairi. She hesitated, not wanting to tell Sora that she agreed with Riku. But, she did.. and as much as she hated this, she had to tell her opinion.

"Sora, I think Riku is right.. your rushing this. Why would we leave now? How would we leave? Think, what if it's someone elses turn.."


"Someone else's turn?" Sora shifted his gaze completely to Kairi now. His furious glare made Kairi edge back slightly. "Do you think, if everyone thought that, would the worlds be as they are right now?"

..silence again. Kairi had nothing to say against that. In all honest truth, Sora was right. If only her excuse of her wanting to stay for herself to lead a happy life, didn't sound as selfish as it was.

"Besides, the letter was sent to US." Sora took two steps forward to Kairi.
"Why are you so selfish?" Another step.
"Do you not REALISE?"

Sora began his fourth step, but as he did Kairi ran straight for Riku, her grip trembling as she hid behind him. Riku's gaze was shocked. He slowly pointed to Sora, his right arm wrapped around Kairi's waste behind his back. "Sora, what's going on with you?"

Sora was confused, but his confusion was over-ridden by has twinge of jealousy of which Kairi had run from him and into Riku's arms.

"What do you mean, whats going on?"

"Sora, your eyes.."


Sora retreated back, lifting up the empty bottle which he was still holding in his left hand. There, in the reflection, was himself. But, his eyes weren't a deep shade of blue as they once were, but instead were bright and golden.

'What the hell is going on..'

"Sora, are you okay?" Kairi reached out, her hand resting upon Sora's cheek. She looked up, her gaze slowly hooking onto Sora's shocking eyes.
Sora looked back down at Kairi, his heart-rate slowing to normal as he reached out with his hand to hold her cheek too.
"Sorry Kairi.. I don't know what came over me... Kairi?"
Kairi's gaze still fixed on Sora's eyes, her lip quivering slightly. She held her stance and took her hand away from Sora's cheek, her gaze never leaving Sora's eyes. It wasn't that she was staring at her that made Sora feel uneasy, but he got the feeling that she was looking at someone else, within the relfection of Sora's eyes.

"Sora, I think we do need to go." Kairi then said sternly, her change in attitude shocking both Sora and Riku. "This isn't funny, we can't prolong this problem."
Her tone was changed, she seemed dead set of changing her mind and leaving Destiny Island. Riku stood there before walking over, and resting a hand upon Kairi's shoulder. "I guess, our future here has to wait.. again." Riku was still furious, but then gave a slight tap onto Sora's shoulder. "Us three, we have to stick together, right?"


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