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LHS Official Youtube Channel

Post by MissAlyvia on 19th January 2011, 6:43 am

Legacy Hearts Studios
Official Youtube Channel



Legacy Hearts Studios now has its own Official Youtube Channel! From now on this is where our future projects will be uploaded. Promotions for projects will still be uploaded by the individual editors, but final projects will be uploaded on the new channel. So please subscribe to our new account so that you don't miss our future projects! Feel free to leave a comment on the channel and invite as a friend -- all friend invites will be accepted (unless the user is innappropriate). Our first project, The Legacy of the Crystal, and the Prologue have been re-uploaded onto the new channel. While the original upload on my channel has the greatest number of views, I hope that in time the attention while shift to the studios official channel. I will be making a video promotion for the official channel as soon as I can. Special thanks to Mina for putting a Youtube channel app for the studio's channel! ^_^ I designed the button, she gave me the space for it. <3

Thanks for all of your support!

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