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Final Fantasy XII

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26 Re: Final Fantasy XII on 1st January 2011, 10:16 am


Pure Awesomeness
Pure Awesomeness
Hey guys, I'm starting to think it's not Framfrit I'm stuck on. It's Hashmal. This is what the walkthrough I was using said about it:

"This Esper makes for a rather interesting boss fight. Start by Dispelling his
Protect status and then get ready as he Roxxors you right into the ground.
Literally. Protectga is a great spell to have here, but it's not the only

As his health dwindles down below 50% he will prepare his massive limit break
attack. It most likely has a name, but the name escapes me for the time
being. The point is that there's a great way to avoid it entirely -- Float.
Like most Final Fantasy games, Earth-based attacks are totally nullified by
the Float status. if you don't have Float, you may have the Dragon Shield
still kicking around in your inventory, it has the same effect.

Aside from that, you've beaten bosses before, you know how to do it again.
Without the aid of his most powerful attack spell he's going to find it very
difficult to wipe out your party."

It makes it sound like, super easy, but I had been doing all the things (don't think I had float, but I do have the Dragon Shield) and Protect spells and other such stuff. So I think leveling may be my problem after all. But any tips or tricks for this one? Sorry that I was wrong on which esper it was. I appreciated all the help, but I'm sorry that it's not the same boss. D:

(and my friend got me Revenant Wings for my birthday and it letting me steal her DS to play it, but I want to finish this first.)


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27 Re: Final Fantasy XII on 1st January 2011, 1:10 pm


You should be able to take him out if you're in the 40s.

Though, I always take him out before he even uses his Diameter attack so, ehhehh.

28 Re: Final Fantasy XII on 14th February 2011, 9:06 am


Vidder For Fun
Vidder For Fun
Where to start.

This is by far one of my favorite RPG/J-RPG titles by far. It's right next to a lot of older PC games I still adore like Baulder's Gate and Neverwinter Nights. Not only did I absolutely love the Combat System, the Story-Line was amazing - even if some aspects could be left to pure speculation.

A lot of people I've talked to have said they don't enjoy Final Fantasy XII purely for the combat system, not so much the ATB gauge and what not, but purely for the fact that it plays very similarly to an MMORPG. I love it for that reason, and for the fact that you can have the AI take care of itself and still have control over it to if you want to. I also liked the versatility of switching between the characters and seeing how different their stats. were and how that contributed to your party. [ Basch as a white mage? Not a good idea. OTL. ] I also loved the freedom of being able to level your party until you wanted to. There was no limit or bar like in Final Fantasy XIII, which had to have been one of my biggest pet peeves about that game. The leveling up system was also fantastic. [ Again, Basch as a white mage. ORZ. ]

The story-line and characters by far are my favorite out of any console RPG I have played. Just in the way the characters walk, stand, and react that have very distinct personalities. Balthier is always moving the background of cut scenes, Ashe, though she's feisty acts like a Princess which is very refreshing. Vaan, even though a lot of people didn't like him I thought he was a fairly believable character, a young-man trying to escape the reality of being an orphan by wanting to become a Sky-Pirate, for the most part. I can honestly say I love all of the characters in this game, the Archadian Judges and Vayne included. The villainy in the game was not necessarily one character but the Empire of Archadia itself and that's what helped it branch out from a lot of the other Final Fantasy games I had played. It was all based on perspective as Archadia was doing what they saw was right for the people and Ashe and her group where doing what they saw as best as well. This can also be said for the resistance and what not. It was amazing that they took the time to also give a distinct feel to every area. The accents, the manner of speech, the dress, it all felt very unique and tied in to certain cities and places in Ivalice.

I could seriously go on and on about this game and how much I love it and the ending and what not. It was by far my favorite game on the PS2 and as a Final Fantasy title. I still play it a lot today and love to edit with the clips. It's a fantastic game and given the time to really get into it, it's just wonderful.

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29 Re: Final Fantasy XII on 11th August 2012, 8:50 am


@ashe12mariana wrote:Although I only like three characters - Ashe, Balthier and Vaan
Change Vaan with Basch and you have my favourite characters in order.

FFXII is pretty good. Not the best RPG of PS2 (nor is FFX) but still a solid game.

The story isn't nothing special, the OST isn't good but it has some good characters (plus a great character design), amazing graphics for it's age and the best battle system in the entire franchise. And it's an open-world game, not linear like FFXIII or FFX.

30 Re: Final Fantasy XII on 11th August 2012, 10:12 am


Vidder For Life
Vidder For Life
The only characters I liked from 12 were Balthier, Rasler (it's sad when the character that dies in the opening is one of your favorites compared with the ones that actually stay in the game lol), and Ashe.
It wasn't the most memorable Final Fantasy to me, but I prefer any PS2 and PS1 game to the PS3 ones.


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31 Re: Final Fantasy XII on 24th August 2012, 9:52 pm


Artistic Genius
Artistic Genius
You know what I thought? I thought that the new FFXIII-3 Game would be a movie. Like FFVIIAC. I don't think it will be a Game for the PS3. Maybe for PSP or dunno... but what is the story then about?


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